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2 January
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This belongs to two peoplez...Christian and Jeannie...We are sophmores at West Carteret High School...Umm.....We love partying..drinking..cough cough..hanging out with our friends...Christian likes rednecks with facial hair...lol..Jeannie likes...well..HER BOYFRIEND! :)..But anywho...music..the beach...tanning..partying?? oh..said that already...Pie...cheese...all that good stuff...surfing..things that go fast?? I like shiny stuff....XD..My favorite color is clear and I like the smell of water XP And ppl who smell good is always fun...
We will probably be the only ones in our group to get skin cancer!!
We hate shit talkers..and will be the first ones usually to tell you to shut the hell up cus...well..we are that damn good!! We love ppl...and are very very nice innocent girls..XD
ac/dc, aqua teen hunger force, arguments, astrology, attention, bands, baxter, beaches, bike week, birthdays, biting, black things, blink 182, boating, bojangles, bottle tops...special bottle tops, box car racer, boxing, boy hit car, bubble baths, buying underwear at wal-mart, cars, cell phones, cheap jewelry, chocolate, christians crush, clothes, coloring, comedy, concerts, cookies, court tv, courtney love, cross necklaces, cuddle muffin (katie), dancing, daytona 500, devil may cry, doodling, double drive, ecu, egging houses, family, fender xd, ferrets, food, football, friends, funny socks, fuse, fuzzy slippers, grampas house, green day, guitars, guys who play sports, hanging out, having fun, hawthorne heights, hitting, hole, home made cards, hot tubs, indianapolis colts, italian food, jake delhomme, jimi hendrix, jonathan, jumping on ppl, late night talks, little mark, llamas, lolli pops, loud nail polish, loud things, luke, making no sense, making ppl laugh, midnight, money, motorcycles, movies, my shoes, napoleon dynamite, nascar, nirvana, o.c. chopper, oranges, oreos, painting, pajamas, panthers woot, pearl jam, piercings, piggy back rides, play fighting, poetry, poking, poking jonathan, pretty hair, punching bags, reeces cups, riding elephants through hurricanes, rings, rock music, scaring kids, school, senses fail, sex bracelots, shackelford, shinedown, shiny stickers, shopping, silky stuff, smelly good things, sneakyness, spinning in circles, sports, stevie ray vaughn, studded things, stuffed animals, stupid faces, stupid things, sugarcult, sum 41, sunglasses, superbowl, superman, surf boards, surfing, switchfoot, taking back sunday, taking candy from children, talking, talking to strangers, tanning, tattoos, tennis, the exies, the o.c., the ocean, the verve, tommy, traveling, wrestling, yelling, zebra print